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Khiasmos Quartet

Khiasmos Quartet, formed in 2022 at the Royal Northern College of Music, brings together vibrant musicians from Hong Kong, Italy, Ireland, and England. They are passionate about performing a wide range of music, from classical masterpieces to contemporary compositions and folk tunes - in an exciting endeavour to connect with wider audiences. The quartet has received coachings from members of the Elias and Castalian quartets, along with experienced artists including Mat Zettergvist (COE), Johannes Meissl (ECMA), Magnus Johnston, Cecily Ward, Vicci Wardman, Pavel Fisher, and Petr Prause. Their interest in contemporary compositions sparked collaborations with composers such as the recent one with Amelia Clarkson, recording ‘Pas de Deux’ from her latest ballet "White Doves," for a preview at the 2023 Irish Dance Festival in Dublin. 


Khiasmos have performed recitals and made recordings across Manchester, London, and the Lake District, and they were invited to perform at an intercultural exchange in Tunis exploring Tunisian traditional Music. They are excited to be joining Donald Grant at Suffolk’s New light Festival 2024 this Summer, before joining the Talland Quartet at the Mourne Chamber Music Festival 2024.

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