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Welcome to the very first Mourne Chamber Music Festival!

August 30th - September 1st 2024

Join us for a jam packed weekend of exciting music from a variety of composers, performed by passionate young professionals.


The Mourne Chamber Music Festival is a brand new classical music event coming to Newcastle County Down this August. Spanning three days, the festival will welcome 16 young professional musicians from Northern Ireland and further afield to perform chamber music by a variety of composers in the beautiful setting of Newcastle Community Cinema.

What is chamber music?

Chamber Music is a genre of classical music specifically created for small ensembles. Typically, these ensembles consist of two to eight musicians, as historically this was considered the perfect size for performing in intimate palace chambers. The string quartet, comprising of two violins, one viola, and one cello, is the most common form of chamber music.

Want to get involved?

If you would like to know more about the different ways you can support the festival, visit the Support page or contact us directly via our contact form. We are relying on generous support from individuals and businesses and are particularly interested in working with local businesses where possible. Could you join us right at the beginning of our journey?

Artwork by Rhea Hanlon

BBC Radio Ulster interview with John Toal
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